Caitlin Schonleber

In a recent conversation with my sister, who lives in a house built the same year as mine, she told me that two of the homes in her community have caught fire within the past 18 months. Their community is very concerned with what may be going on in their homes, so their HOA sent out flyers suggesting that they get a home inspection done to check things out. When I purchased my home in 2016, I purchased it “As Is” and I did have a home inspection done, but considering the most recent fire took the lives of the homeowner’s pets I wanted to be confident that my house was safe. I recently used VisionQuest Home Inspections to do what they call a Home Health Check-Up. David inspected all of the major components of my home’s interior and exterior and provided a full report of items which needed further attention and also recommended smaller less-urgent repairs. I am super thankful to have gotten my home inspected thoroughly and have recommended them to my sister and two friends who have used them as well.