Darrin Heatherly

I called VisionQuest Home Inspections after a house fire occurred just two houses down the road from my own home. As firefighters were putting out the fire, we got word from another officer that the fire sparked from a bad bathroom fan motor and could have been easily prevented. Immediately, my fiancé and I jumped on to look for a reputable, affordable and trustworthy home inspector. We found all that and much more in VisionQuest. David was extremely professional and thorough in his findings. He respected my time frame (showing up 15 minutes before) and searched every nook and cranny in my home. He provided a very detailed report of his findings and shared every bit of information with me. David did not just give me a report and leave. He took the time needed to explain everything to me; whether it was in great working order or needed to be replaced or whether or not it could be a potential fire hazard down the line. I recommend this company to anyone looking to work with a phenomenal company that understands the thoroughness it takes to have a complete home inspection. Days after the inspection, VisionQuest even followed up with me to see if I had any concerns or questions with the repairs and replacements I needed. That was above and beyond my expectation. I could not recommend this company any more!