Janet Scanlon

VisionQuest does a fantastic and thorough inspection of homes. From every nook and cranny to the obvious …. Having a home inspector as experienced as David is vital to myself as a Realtor. The customer service he provides to my clients is top notch as well! You will not be disappointed. He does not just work for Realtors, he can do a Home Health Check up for homeowners to see how healthy your home is and what if any deferred maintenance issues are needed. We tend to; as home owners let the little things slide by and only concentrate on the big items. He inspects and discusses the little things that continuously deferred add up to a big cost! This inspection is very useful for pre-listing so your not surprised when a prospective buyers send the laundry list for repairs requests or in general as a homeowner to know exactly your home’s health status. Thank you visionquest for all you do for my clients!