Nichele Coy

The overall professionalism of both David and Tami, cannot be expressed enough. The way that Tami answered all of my questions even before the inspection begin. And the way that David took his time to help me understand the inspection as it was happening. This was the first home inspection I have ever been involved with.I have pretty high standards and I have to know why things happen. And the level of knowledge that both of these people had was astounding. My husband is a veteran and first responder, they gave us a discount because he was a veteran. So that means a lot that they’re wanting to take care of our servicemen and women. I am truly happy that I found David and Tami, such an amazing and helpful team. David told me that I could not only ask him questions now, but if I had questions in the future I could call him. I was so happy with the job that they did and the level of professionalism they showed I gave their card information to my realtor to pass along for other people who needed a home inspection. If I ever need this service again they will be the first ones I call.